Anna The Great

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To say that Anna Dello Russo is a fashion icon is an understatement. Not only does she attend fashion week every season but her wardrobe is so large that she has a secondary apartment devoted solely to her wardrobe. Anna fancies haute couture at 9 am, wears each outfit only once, has a shoe collection that could stock an entire department store, hates vintage clothing, and wears designer creations directly from the runway.

If you don’t know who she is, take a look this video along with her blog and scroll through. To say that this woman can make an entrance is an understatement. She has been a fashion editor at Vogue (Italian, Men’s and Japanese throughout the years) and a stylist for nearly two decades, Anna hadn’t achieved fame until several years ago. She started appearing on photo-blogs including The SartorialistJak and Jil, and Garance Doré after being photographed outside of the shows in cities like New York, Paris, Milan (her stomping ground), and London. Of course she is not the only editor and stylist being photographed but she, in my opinion, is more spectacular than the rest. Her eccentricity is what makes you look at her, but it is her obsession and absolute love for fashion that makes people love her.

Anna’s passion radiates through her pores. Never will you see her in casual wear on the streets (although she favors Abercrombie & Fitch as pajama’s and for travel) as she is much like Lady GaGa, one of her style icons. Anna dresses like it is her job….oh wait…it is. She takes this job very seriously and does it very well.

Now to the point of this entry. Anna has been in the fashion world for quite sometime and has been considered a “fashion maniac” for years but because of the internet, she has become a sensation. Blogs which captured street style fashion gave her a name, so had it not been for their advertisement, she would not have the fame she has today. Although her life would have been just as amazing without it, I’m sure having her own perfume is a just one of the perks of being an icon.

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  1. great post! great writing! you’re great!

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