Show Your Love

I was on twitter the other day scrolling through the home page timeline when a tweet by WWD caught my eye. I clicked the link and read on about a new promotion David Yurman launched through Facebook. It called for all lovers to share a romantic picture and the couple with the most votes would win a Link Bracelet for him and a Wheaton Ring for her. That’s right, him and her, a jewelry giveaway that doesn’t leave men in the dust.

Now, all of this sounds easy enough, which it was as I of course entered, but the twist from Yurman was the company used five bloggers to promote this giveaway. I know that bloggers promote giveaways all the time for various companies but I find it fascinating that the company would specifically appoint “Brand Ambassadors” to do so. Not only did they promote the giveaway but they had themed their own blogs with romantic photographs to get their readers in the mood to upload their own romantic pictures onto the David Yurman fan page. Since there is always a catch, in return for entering the contest, each person had to “Like” the fan page, which is quite common these days.

From the looks of it, the company is new to this type of a promotion as it had less than 50 entires even though over 43,000 people like the page. They missed the mark on one main thing: entry time. A fan could only enter from February 7th until February 11th, I would have expected an entry time of several weeks, not four short days. For their next giveaway I hope that they will allow more time for their fans to learn about the contest and to enter because I’m certain that so many people missed out because of the small window they allotted them.

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