The Fashion World’s Mel Gibson

I’m not sure what to make of the controversy surrounding John Galliano, the now suspended head designer of Dior. The Sun, a British tabloid has now released a video of a very intoxicated Galliano saying more anti-Semitic remarks, it’s never-ending! He was already suspended from his position at the fashion house, does he want to be canned all together? In the video he ranks about how he loves Hitler and other extremely offensive remarks. But I’m confused with all of this because 1) he was just arrested last week on counts of assault and anti-Semitic remarks, 2) these people weren’t even Jewish, they were Italian and French. What do you all think of this? Will Dior take him back? As is they have not been very supportive of him so it wouldn’t surprise me if they kick him to the curb. I’m very curious as to whether or not this end in jail time or a heavy fine. Let’s hope he gets the help he needs.

UPDATE 1 Dior has officially fired Galliano. Paris Fashion Week will go on with both the John Galliano and Christian Dior shows both with Galliano’s creations, not with that of another designer as it was previously speculated. Considering that Galliano has made Christian Dior the modern couture house it is today and has made the company very profitable. I’m surprised that they would fire him and not send him to rehab or counseling before making such a harsh decision. Quite harsh, don’t you think?

UPDATE 2 Galliano has issued an apology and is headed to rehab.

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2 Responses to The Fashion World’s Mel Gibson

  1. Its illegal to say anti-semantic things in France. It all stems from the fact that you cannot deny that the Holocaust happened… They are super sensitive to it in France because they carry a lot of shame for their participation with the Nazi’s. Dior is a french based designer too- so that makes it even worse for him… The title you chose is very fitting! I like it!

  2. oops, that’s anti-semitic..

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