Switching Things Up

When my Professors tell me that social media is an important part of our lives, they’re not kidding. Today over 175 million people log into Facebook each day and according to SocialMarketingExpert.org, Twitter has over 14 million users. You’re all probably thinking, who cares, but evidently, employers do. Today many companies use social media as a way to recruit new talent. Silly as it may seem, your fun can turn into employment.

I went to a Communications event at my school, Monmouth University, this past week, and nearly all the employers on the panel I sat in on said that social media is very important to them. One woman said that she likes to see recruits come in having an active blog for the main reason that it allows her to see your writing style and character. My blog begun out of a requirement for my Social Media class but knowing that it may help me stand out in a crowd drives me to update long after the semester is over.

Although social media is a fun way to make connections, an even more crucial way to finding a job is through LinkedIn. If you are looking for a job and haven’t already signed up, DO IT. It can connect you with friends, classmates, and former employers, which one day will more than likely lead you to a job. You would be surprised as to where your connections can lead to, even if it’s just an interview. That sure beats sitting on your couch in the middle of the week eating cereal wondering why you don’t have a job. And the best part, you can do all of this from sitting around, being proactive only involves typing and keeping your eyes open.

Social media has changed the way that the world works. Now change the way you get your self out there and let’s all do some ‘shameless self promotion’ everyone.

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