The Hunt

I can’t think of one person that looks forward to applying for jobs. It’s such a daunting task that takes up more time that you’d ever expect, so how can you make it easier on yourself? Attend career events that your school offers. A little over a week ago, Monmouth held its annual Communications Event on campus. There were panels of industry professionals all in attendance for the benefit of students. The theme seemed to be how students can be better prepared when it comes time to interviewing for a job.

Now everyone who attended can check a few things off of their list because at the event, they answered everything from a to z about applying for a job. While each employer is different, there were a few key things that I took away from the day.

1). Always make your cover letter personal to the person that will be reading it. By going on the company website, you can easily find out who in HR will be going over it.

2). When finishing up your resumé spell check once, then twice, then have someone else proof read it, and then read it over again. If there is even one error, most employers will toss your resume to the side into the FU pile.

3.) A little creativity goes a long way. Whether your resumé is online or has a personal touch to it, you will stand out more than the rest. Plus, it shows your work in a fun yet professional way.

4). Do not under-estimate the value of a good hand shake. It can set the tone for the entire interview and may leave the interviewer feeling a bit underwhelmed about your time together.

Now that you all know what to do to prepare yourself for an interview, I have full confidence that you will all be able to land your perfect job. Good luck to everyone!

*As a side note, the picture is of the amazing stained glass windows in Woodrow Wilson Hall which sits at the heart of Monmouth’s campus

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One Response to The Hunt

  1. Allessia says:

    Oh daniela! I love your little posts! So insightful and professional :)

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