Muse of the Moment

The first time I ever heard of Arizona Muse (yes, that is her real name), was during my time at The Row. She had just been cast in the show for their Spring 2011 collection and I was immediately struck by her beauty. Sometimes in fashion, the more of a strange factor you have, the more popular you are, but with Arizona, there’s nothing strange about her. Her striking eyebrows are what draw you in but it’s her slight smile that keeps you staring.

I thought I was going a little too model crazy at first but as it turns out, the fashion industry is just as captivated as I am. She has been featured in Vogue magazines all over the globe and recently appeared on the cover of Vogue Italia. This past season she was cast in shows for Chanel, Stella McCartney, Celine, Christian Dior, Lanvin,  Balmain and countless more. So not only does she work almost every runway, but she is the face of Yves Saint Laurent and Prada for their current campaigns.

When Arizona started modeling in 2008, she had long blond tresses and wasn’t getting much attention. Then she left the industry to have her son, Nikko. Shortly after she came back with a new ‘do and the rest is history.

In my post title, I make it seem as though she won’t last very long, but with her striking appearance, i’m sure the 22 year old will be the industry’s muse for quite some time to come.

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