It Gets Better…Promise

Recently, there has been an epidemic of teen suicides, mostly in the LGBT community. Because of harsh bullying and violence, some teens feel as though life is not worth living and that the bullying that they have endured during high school will never end. This is where It Gets Better Project comes in. The idea came about in September of last year from Dan Savage and since then, there have been hundreds of celebrities and over 10,000 YouTube users who have taken the time to send out a message to LGBT youth. The idea is to tell them that although they are going through a hard time in life, that in fact, things will turn around for them and things will get better. The message, “it gets better.” Simple, yet very effective.

About a week ago I tweeted about the newest video for It Gets Better, by the employees of Apple. To date, I think it sends out the most positive message. Here you have real people revealing such personal stories about times when they thought about giving up on life. To me, what makes it so good is that it was produced by a large corporation. Not only did Apple send out a positive message by making the video, but they chose employees from the LGBT community, making the video very relatable.

Follow it the It Gets Project @ItGetsBetter and go to their website to take the pledge if you support the cause.

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