Paris Fashion Week: Kanye’s First Collection

I’ve been waiting all month for Kanye’s SS12 and must say, me likey! I want to know more details about the design process though. Is he actually designing and picking out fabrics like The Row or as hands on as Victoria Beckham or is he just a ‘celebrity’ turned ‘designer’ like the Kardashians (if you can even call them designers)? For now I’m assuming he’ll be claiming the title of designer and creative director but I gotta know the real scoop. Onto more visually important things: the clothes.

Leather, fur and sex ruled the runway and with the exception of those fugly shoes, I loved almost every piece. Above are the first and third looks, both so different from one another but they both have great details. The raw edge on Anja’s skirt gives her a great sense of cool. And the coral on the pants of look 3 was a nice change, considering it was the only time the color was featured.

The fur was beyond, even though this is supposed to be a spring collection, the light use of fur is totally o.k. in my book. Now, I know I said these are my favorite looks and I mean it, I really do, but….come on ‘Ye the fit of this leather dress is awful. And it wasn’t just with this dress, most of the garments looked like they hadn’t even seen the models for a fitting before the show…onto the next. Izabel made this look. I love the white-on-white layering and the casual sensuality. Best look of the collection, hands down.

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