Simple Pleasures

I figured a good way to ease back into blogging would be to show some of the simple pleasures in my life. One of them being Instagram, the source of all my little pictures.

The Vanity in my room that I painstakingly organized one afternoon. Now all I see are pretty flowers and sweet candles.

A sunny "winter" day in West Long Branch. By far the best benefit of going to college near a beach.

Delicious truffle fries from D'Jeet at The Grove in Shrewsbury.

Sometimes the simplest of manicures look the nicest (and last the longest!). This is Gucci Mucci Pucci with a layer of High Maintenance over it (both by Essie).

A fresh pressed panini (that I made myself) along with some olives my Grandpa made. Delish!

The palm trees on the beaches of Isla Verde in Puerto Rico

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2 Responses to Simple Pleasures

  1. I love that you use champagne glasses for flower vases! Totally going to try that out. And those fries. Dang those fries look amazing!!


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