FNO Reveals Their New Collection for 2012

Fashion’s Night Out has just recently revealed its collection for the upcoming 2012 event. For its fourth year, the designers have really stepped it up! They have without a doubt presented their best work to date (at least in my opinion). There are eight official items, two being tote bags, all of which are worthy of the approval of fashionistas everywhere. Take a look at the entire collection on the event’s website but for now, here are my favorites:

  • At first glance, it this just looks like a plain shirt with shapes going through it, but it says ‘FNO’ with the ‘F’ on the front and ‘NO’ on the back. This is a very creative take at a potentially basic design and for only $25 is going on my must-have list for the day of the event.

  • FNO’s tote takes classic to a whole ‘nother level by mixing fabrics (canvas and leather) with a multi-color design. It comes in two color schemes, but the pop of blue in this one makes the $50 tote hard to resist.
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