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Another Look at McQueen

Through some surfing on YouTube, I came across this video, originally produced by Net-a-Porter and thought it was too good to not share. Since we’re coming up on almost a year of the opening of Savage Beauty, the Alexander McQueen exhibit at the … Continue reading

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Jil Sander Takes You To The Candy Shop

This show was one of the sharpest, architecturally speaking, shows of Milan Fashion Week. It was so clean cut: from the whimsical music, pulled back hair, to the tailored jackets, all the way down to the crisp shoes. With the … Continue reading

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Another Reason Why Coldplay is the Greatest Band Around

I’ve loved Coldplay since I was a mere middle schooler. Unlike other bands (cough Kings of Leon) they never seem to let me down. At a recent concert in LA they did a very touching tribute to Amy Winehouse. It … Continue reading

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It Gets Better…Promise

Recently, there has been an epidemic of teen suicides, mostly in the LGBT community. Because of harsh bullying and violence, some teens feel as though life is not worth living and that the bullying that they have endured during high … Continue reading

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