FNO Reveals Their New Collection for 2012

Fashion’s Night Out has just recently revealed its collection for the upcoming 2012 event. For its fourth year, the designers have really stepped it up! They have without a doubt presented their best work to date (at least in my opinion). There are eight official items, two being tote bags, all of which are worthy of the approval of fashionistas everywhere. Take a look at the entire collection on the event’s website but for now, here are my favorites:

  • At first glance, it this just looks like a plain shirt with shapes going through it, but it says ‘FNO’ with the ‘F’ on the front and ‘NO’ on the back. This is a very creative take at a potentially basic design and for only $25 is going on my must-have list for the day of the event.

  • FNO’s tote takes classic to a whole ‘nother level by mixing fabrics (canvas and leather) with a multi-color design. It comes in two color schemes, but the pop of blue in this one makes the $50 tote hard to resist.
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Another Look at McQueen

Through some surfing on YouTube, I came across this video, originally produced by Net-a-Porter and thought it was too good to not share. Since we’re coming up on almost a year of the opening of Savage Beauty, the Alexander McQueen exhibit at the MET, I figured this was the perfect time to share with all of you. Even though this video was produced before his death, it perfectly captures the essence of who he was as a designer. It also captured many of the highlights of Savage Beauty including the iconic duel of two robot vs Shalom Harlow. Take a look for yourself . . .

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Simple Pleasures

I figured a good way to ease back into blogging would be to show some of the simple pleasures in my life. One of them being Instagram, the source of all my little pictures.

The Vanity in my room that I painstakingly organized one afternoon. Now all I see are pretty flowers and sweet candles.

A sunny "winter" day in West Long Branch. By far the best benefit of going to college near a beach.

Delicious truffle fries from D'Jeet at The Grove in Shrewsbury.

Sometimes the simplest of manicures look the nicest (and last the longest!). This is Gucci Mucci Pucci with a layer of High Maintenance over it (both by Essie).

A fresh pressed panini (that I made myself) along with some olives my Grandpa made. Delish!

The palm trees on the beaches of Isla Verde in Puerto Rico

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Paris Fashion Week: Kanye’s First Collection

I’ve been waiting all month for Kanye’s SS12 and must say, me likey! I want to know more details about the design process though. Is he actually designing and picking out fabrics like The Row or as hands on as Victoria Beckham or is he just a ‘celebrity’ turned ‘designer’ like the Kardashians (if you can even call them designers)? For now I’m assuming he’ll be claiming the title of designer and creative director but I gotta know the real scoop. Onto more visually important things: the clothes.

Leather, fur and sex ruled the runway and with the exception of those fugly shoes, I loved almost every piece. Above are the first and third looks, both so different from one another but they both have great details. The raw edge on Anja’s skirt gives her a great sense of cool. And the coral on the pants of look 3 was a nice change, considering it was the only time the color was featured.

The fur was beyond, even though this is supposed to be a spring collection, the light use of fur is totally o.k. in my book. Now, I know I said these are my favorite looks and I mean it, I really do, but….come on ‘Ye the fit of this leather dress is awful. And it wasn’t just with this dress, most of the garments looked like they hadn’t even seen the models for a fitting before the show…onto the next. Izabel made this look. I love the white-on-white layering and the casual sensuality. Best look of the collection, hands down.

*all images via style.com

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Jil Sander Takes You To The Candy Shop

This show was one of the sharpest, architecturally speaking, shows of Milan Fashion Week. It was so clean cut: from the whimsical music, pulled back hair, to the tailored jackets, all the way down to the crisp shoes. With the passing of each new song though, the collection progressed to a new style, almost like a collection within a collection. Once we reached Picasso, around the 5 minute mark, 50 Cent somehow came into play. I couldn’t help but chuckle a bit and share this video with you, enjoy!

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My First Eastern European Adventure

When trying to figure out where my mother and I were going to travel to for our annual birthday getaway we decided to try something different. Straying from our typical Roman holiday, we tossed around the idea of Northern Africa and South American countries but we ultimately decided on the Czech Republic. European friends of mine have always described Prague as the most beautiful city on the continent. After spending 11 glorious days there, I agree with their praise. Now, after going through thousands of photos I’ve narrowed things down to my top 10 favorites, let’s get started:

1. An aerial shot of Old Town Square from atop the city’s main tower.
 2. A section of the Lennon Peace Wall in Malá Strana. Before I left for vacation I wrote down a list of must-see attractions to visit, this of course being one of them. But when I got there I wasn’t sure if I was at the right place. It’s interesting because over the years the graffiti has changed so much that you have to really dig deep to still see John Lennon’s legacy under layers of paint.

3. We took a day trip to Český Krumlov, a village full of history and beauty in the south of the Czech Republic on the Austrian border. I love how these old cities keep themselves still feeling genuine by not changing the outer structure of buildings. I’ve heard people say that Prague and other cities in the country are considered the most “European” in the EU and for me the cobble stone and red roofs are what make them so genuine.

4. On one rainy day (there were several) I strayed from the pac and wandered into a museum and this was the first thing I saw. Although weapons are not my favorite, I do love the contrast of a modern gun installation in a cobble stoned courtyard. And the little boy adds some cuteness factor too, which doesn’t hurt.

5. Here we have St. Vitus Cathedral, one of the four churches on the property of Prague Castle. It looks like it could have been some gothic inspiration for a Harry Potter film, no? And I love how the eeriness is counteracted  by the beautiful purple sky.

6. The property that Prague Castle is on is just beautiful. No matter where you stood you had a great view of the landscape below. Even with a massive plant blocking the background of the shot, you can still see the Charles Bridge. 

7. Here’s a wideshot of the cement stalactite wall in the Wallenstein Gardens. If you were to be up close to the wall you could almost see faces in the cement. Very creepy ala the ghost of Christmas yet to come in a Muppet Christmas Carol. Spoooooky!

8. When walking the streets and across the bridges around town, you sort of feel like you were in Paris (not that i’ve ever been, but I can dream) and this captures that feeling perfectly. The Vltava River was always filled with Boats and cute little ducks, in this case swans.

9. You can’t talk about Prague and leave out the Charles Bridge, the focal point of the city which connects Old Town and Little Town to one another. Here you see can see it from the top of the bridge’s watch tower on my sunniest day there.10. Lastly, here’s a gate filled with locks right near the Charles Bridge. I forget the story as to how this started but I think it has something to do with love but because it’s so full, no one else can add their locks to it, so, no more love?P.S. These are in random order people I love them all just the same

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Another Reason Why Coldplay is the Greatest Band Around

I’ve loved Coldplay since I was a mere middle schooler. Unlike other bands (cough Kings of Leon) they never seem to let me down. At a recent concert in LA they did a very touching tribute to Amy Winehouse. It starts off with a slow version of Rehab and goes into Fix You. When you associate the two songs together and blend in Amy’s legacy, it brings on a very touching/haunting new meaning. Because of my brief encounter with Amy one night in London several years ago I find that her passing is more than just a celebrity death to me. She was a real person with real problems and I truly hope that lights will guide her home…

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